Friday, July 9, 2010

Campaign ad fashion preview

Minnesota gubernatorial candidate Margaret Anderson Kelliher gave us a sneak peek at her upcoming television ad on YouTube this week:

She made some great choices with this outfit:

1. Bold jewelry. This necklace is memorable but not so memorable that it would show up on Saturday Night Live.
2. Lavender color. Could Nancy Pelosi's power color be a new trend in politics?
3. Strong contrast. For someone with Ms. Kelliher's coloring, the dark black shirt under the lighter colored jacket was a good choice.

I'm a bit concerned about the jacket - I don't think three-quarter sleeves work for her, and the shape isn't structured enough. But overall, she seems set up for an effective ad, at least from a wardrobe perspective.

UPDATE: Here's the final ad. Look at how the lavender color has changed - final video production has made it much more saturated. Still a good look, probably better.

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  1. As the designer of much of MAK's Jewelry - I couldn't agree with your comments more!!

    Thank you so much for the thrill of being noted on your blog post.

    Lisa Eisenstat - The Decorated Bead