Why I write this

Photo courtesy McGhee Street Photography
This blog has emerged from the confluence of a number of factors: an interest in image consulting, a love of Washington, DC, and the realization that there doesn't seem to be much editorial writing on the way women in politics dress, and the way they should dress. To be sure, there are plenty of pot shots taken at the appearance and clothing of our female leaders (and even occasionally our male leaders) by political writers, pundits and bloggers. And there's plenty of fawning over the lovely fashion choices of some political spouses. But what I want to do is look at the way our officials, elected and appointed, dress themselves and how they should dress themselves. I think it's possible to make "Hollywood for ugly people" a little bit prettier. I believe the talking heads will pay less attention to a woman's clothes if she's wearing the right clothes. 

As an image consultant trained at the Fashion Institute of Technology after a degree from the School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, I am uniquely positioned to provide style advice that focuses on serious public communication, not fashion trends.

--Christina Logothetis