Thursday, July 8, 2010

Florida cool

We've talked before about Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen's ease with casual wear when she's back in her home state of Florida. Now let's look at another Floridian with casual style: gubernatorial candidate Alex Sink:

Ms. Sink is speaking to a reporter from a beach, which is a tricky locale. They're there to talk about the shoreline and the oil spill, not on vacation, so she can't wear completely casual clothes. No bathing suits, no terry cloth. But if she showed up on the beach in a suit, that would look odd too. She finds just the right medium in a brightly colored t-shirt with a high crew neck. And then (and this is the real key to looking important, I think) she pairs the shirt with professional looking jewelry - the same stuff she might wear with a suit.  Because all the pieces are very simple, they don't look mismatched, just very grown up.

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  1. The equivalent of a man who might appear in a blue dress shirt with his tie off, sleeves rolled up and no jacket?