Friday, December 30, 2011

Senatorial New Year's Eve

I hope you have some satisfying plans for New Year's Eve, whether you're going out, visiting friends, or curling up with cocoa and a movie. We don't often get to hear about what Congress does for New Year's Eve when they're all back in their districts, but I thought it would be fun to imagine what a Senator might wear to a New Year's Eve party. And who better to imagine than Kirsten Gillibrand, a senator from the place much of America watches on TV that night.

We know from past experience that Senator Gillibrand sticks to her customary palette of mostly black, even for a night out. But since we're imagining, let's imagine we can get her to go a little further around the color wheel:
Senatorial New Year's Eve

Everyone likes a little sparkle on New Year's Eve, and this warm creamy blazer is both festive and structured. The forest green blouse keeps her face from looking washed out, and the bow at the neck eliminates the need for a necklace. Instead, we've paired rose gold stud earrings. The senator gets to keep her black in the form of a pencil skirt and black suede pumps to balance out all that sparkle.

Professional and dignified while still festive. You can do it too!