Friday, April 2, 2010

Pelosi's Purple Palette

Health Care Reform week here on Style of Politics has to culminate the way the debate did: with Speaker Nancy Pelosi. She wore purple, as she has before:
We have, of course, seen this look and this color palette before. And we're not the only ones who noticed! The Speaker's choice of color drew the particular attention of Heard on the Hill, and then of fellow style blogger Capitol Hill Style, who reprinted the Heard on the Hill column for those of us without the benefit of a subscription.

With all due respect to the HotH pundits, this analysis reads a bit like the time your AP English teacher assigned an essay on symbolism and you had to stretch it to 700 words. Suffragettes, royalty and bipartisanship are all well and good, but seriously. She just looks good in light, muted purples. Nancy Pelosi knows it, and we've known it since our first post.

Want to try her look yourself? Here are some suggestions, whether you're feeling bipartisan or not:

Sorry, the purple jacket doesn't come with a gavel.

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