Monday, July 12, 2010

Summer brights for Senator Collins

You know I almost never gush on this blog. Almost. Well, here. I LOVE this dress that Senator Susan Collins wore for an event at the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens:

But of course in my mission to help you find our own good style, dear readers, I must tell you why.

  • Bright color. It's summer. It's an outdoor cultural event. She's speaking to a large group. All of these are elements that practically demand brightly colored clothing.
  • The right color. Especially near her face. Royal blue is a great color on the Senator. If this dress used, say the yellow from the skirt as the top, but would be a no-go. (But would look great on, say, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm).
  • The right style. A full, multicolored skirt says fun. But the jacket and necklace remind us she's still a US Senator making an official appearance.

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