Tuesday, November 6, 2012

What to wear to your polling place

Comfortable shoes! Hahaha!

Ok, this is sort of a joke, but it sort of isn't. Somehow, I always imagine this fantasy polling place where I waltz in, flip some levers, and affix a sticker to my blouse as I prance off to work five minutes later. Perhaps this has something to do with my first voting experience at 18, in a local school board election in September, where I got to cast a ballot for my dad and this guy. No lines then. But I digress. The reality is that you should be prepared to wait. I'm not suggesting you do anything crazy, just maybe don't wear the 4 inch platforms that look great under your desk but don't hold for an hour straight on your feet. Maybe something more like this:

Many of the women we've written about on this blog are on ballots today: Claire McCaskillElizabeth Warren, and of course all the women (and men) in the House of Representatives. I hope you'll judge them all by their words, and not their clothes.

If you've somehow made it here but still don't know what's up today, go here and find out what you need to know. Voting matters!