Why I use video

I am often asked to explain why I use video on this blog. There are two reasons, really:

1. Video lets us see the clothes, hair, face in motion. It mitigates the some of the risk that it's not a bad outfit, just a bad picture. Of course, that doesn't mean you can't get caught in a bad picture in the print and digital media, but in the interest of instruction on how to dress, we'd rather have as balanced a picture as we can.

2. Every woman I write about here is (or was) an elected or appointed official in our government. They all have something important to say. Image matters, but it doesn't matter more than their words. I don't ever want to reduce these women to images. I want to give you the opportunity to hear their words, which is why they got dressed that morning anyway.

I know video has ways of being inconvenient as well, but I hope the benefits outweigh the nuisance.