Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Give Style: 5 ideas for political gentlemen

And now some ideas for the men on your list. Because I can't resist, we'll have 4 ideas in pictures, and one by video.
Give Style: 5 ideas for political gentlemen

1. US Mail tote. This reproduction of an American classic makes a great laundry bag, and there's little chance of confusing it with another one in the laundry room. $24

2. Bright socks from Richer Poorer. Your feet are a much more creative (and subtle!) place to show some personality with a suit than a knot under your chin. $12

3. Monocle magazine. With a unique blend of politics, style and design coverage, this thick periodical always brings a unique, forthright perspective. $15.65/issue

4. Lucky Tiger grooming products. These classics from heritage American purveyor Caswell Massey not only look cool, they feel cool too. $71.50

5. Kings County Beef Jerky. I know what you're thinking. Jerky? Is this a gift, or provisions for the car ride home? But trust me. This is the best, most flavorful jerky you'll ever have. $26.95 for 3

Skeptical? Watch this:

And don't forget: The Style of Politics can do your shopping for you! You give us your shopping list (my religious aunt, my teenage cousin, my 20-something assistant) and your price range, and we deliver to you links to a hand-selected gift for each one. It's just $80 for up to 12 gifts.

For more details, email us or call 908-642-2745.

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