Monday, December 20, 2010

Shine doesn't make you a star

It's holiday time, and it's easy to start focusing on what you'll wear for the parties each evening while losing sight of how those looks translate into day wear.

Have a look at the blazer Rep. Carolyn Maloney chose for an appearance on New York's Capital Tonight:

This shiny silver jacket is straight off a "day to night" page in a magazine.

But multipurpose dressing often doesn't translate well for television. Items that you can get away with in normal daylight look much less appropriate under the strong lights needed for television cameras. The effect is a lot of light being reflected back at us, distracting from Rep. Maloney's face and message.


  1. Do you think a better choice would have been if the jacket had been the color of her blouse worn with a simple shell from the fabric of the jacket?

  2. If the textures were also reversed, then yes, that might work. But fabric this shiny might give her problems even as the under layer if she's going on TV.