Tuesday, December 7, 2010

In living color

Kay Bailey Hutchison gave a floor speech last week on tax cuts. She wore magenta and purple:

This look is a significant departure from what we usually see on Senator Hutchison. She chose bold colors instead of her signature pastels, but also went to a softer silhouette with a cardigan, instead of her usual structured jacket. The effect is well balanced and fresh. Don't you think she looks younger?


  1. I like the V-neck. In your other clips of her she's all buttoned up.

  2. Great colors. The effect is really soft (in a good way) but the necklace needs to go. Too many lines: the v-neck, then the cami, then the necklace.

  3. Very striking colors. It is nice to see the brightest color as the accent, not as the jacket. I agree that the necklace doesn't feel harmonious.