Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All eyes on O'Donnell's red jacket

Everybody is talking about Christine O'Donnell today after her upset win in the Republican Senate primary in Delaware. For her victory speech, she went for the most classic look in politics: The Red Jacket. Here she is:

Although we know The Red Jacket can be risky, for Ms. O'Donnell it was the right choice. True red is a great color for her. The shoulder pads are a little bit big, but if there were ever a moment where she needed heft and added physical presence, this was it. There is absolutely no question whatsoever who is the candidate in this crowd.

My concern, as before, is her hair. It isn't in a ponytail this time, but it looks a bit unkempt. At the end of a long election day, that's to be expected. But this is a good reminder that if you're keeping your hair long, you need to invest in regular trims just as frequently as if you had a short hairstyle. Straggly ends are for teenagers.

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