Thursday, July 29, 2010

"Could you FedEx this?" or How to be Mistaken for an Intern

There are two levels of consideration for professionals when getting dressed in the morning. The first is whether your outfit meets the basic minimum standards for looking professional in your job. The second is whether your clothes are working for you, by dressing for the job you want, not the job you have. When the job you want is a seat in the US Senate, you're going to have to expand your wardrobe beyond the basics.

Delaware Senate candidate Christine O'Donnell discussed her candidacy, and her opponent, at a conference recently:

There is nothing technically wrong with this outfit. The blogosphere rages with debate over wearing shirt collars outside or inside a jacket, and while I prefer the inside look, I wouldn't dock you any points for disagreeing. Hoop earrings can be very nice, although these are pushing it on the size. A neat, low ponytail can assist with a multitude of hair styling challenges.

But the combination is key. Dark suit, white shirt with collar spread outside, big hoop earrings, ponytail hair with a ribbon big enough to be seen from the front.... when you put it all together, she starts to read as the very most professional 22 year-old intern in the office, instead of a 42 year-old candidate for US Senate.

This would work better:
I am not an internFashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore


  1. Excellent post...I need to start taking your advice when I get dressed for work :-/

  2. I think she looks adorable and professional. I prefer the shirt collar over the jacket collar, the hoop earrings are delicate and simple, the ponytail is neat and easy. The bow is a quirky cute touch.

  3. I might not disagree with "adorable" but there's nothing about "adorable" that makes me want to elect her a United States Senator.