Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Who needs fashion anyway?

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano gave a press briefing last week on the border security bill. She wore brick red:

You know that I put only a limited emphasis on fashion and trends in this forum. But the combination of muted brick red with black collar and trim is so dated, I can't not say anything. It sort of reminds me of "holiday party" outfits that were popular about 15 years ago. The low contrast of the two colors, and the muted color palette aren't doing her any favors either.

As we've said before, a clear, true red would have been a much better choice for her.


  1. Brick with black trim may look good on a center hall colonial, but not here. Esp. as the jacket is riding a bit askew. BTW, it's summer in Washington, D.C. and, while we have a/c here, I'm having heatstroke looking at that color combo. in August.

  2. Whew. Glad I wore a white shell under my brick red cardi today.