Monday, August 16, 2010

Too much of a good thing

Robin Carnahan released a new video last week in her run for Senate in Missouri. She wore purple:

Unfortunately, we see more of her shirt than we do of her face - the color is too saturated and a bit too dark for her, even in bright sunlight. It also somehow doesn't relate to her surroundings. Do you wear purple on a farm or a ranch usually? I would have recommended tan or light blue or even a warm green instead.

As she has a lot of color in her shirt, she doesn't have quite enough in her brows. Like many blondes, Ms. Carnahan would benefit from the strategic use of some brow powder in a shade selected specifically for blondes.


  1. She could have carried the color off had her make-up been more camera-ready. Brows, cheeks and lips are notably wan.

  2. The top looks more blue to me than purple. I wonder if she was going for something that looked denim without actually being denim, to tie into the farm background. Whatever she was trying for, she fell short of the mark.