Monday, June 21, 2010

Sharron Angle and that other kind of makeover

A lot of people are talking about Sharron Angle's "political makeover" at the hands of the Republican party since winning their nomination for Senate earlier this month. What no one seems to be talking about is what she might need in terms of that other kind of makeover. The fashion kind.

Check out her pre-primary wardrobe choices in this montage from the Rachel Maddow Show:

Her wardrobe was boxy and brightly colored in a way that dates her clothes back about two decades. They're not as terrible as they could be, but this is a clear instance where she needs to dress for the job she wants, not the job she has. Does she look like a school board member? Sure. Senate candidate? Not so much.

Now have a look at her first television appearance after the primary election, on the Fox and Friends morning show:

The color is more subdued, the jacket is well fitted. The flower brooch, while a modern concept, doesn't relate to the rest of her outfit at all, but at least she's trying. Someone put some thought into this look, made a clear attempt at bringing Ms. Angle's wardrobe into the 21st century.

She kept the jacket but ditched the brooch for an appearance on Hannity later that day:

And that was it. We haven't seen her on a planned TV appearance since, so it's hard to say whether this outfit was a lucky choice or a carefully constructed change in her image. We all know by now what trouble a flashy "makeover" can cause. But some adjustments clearly needed to be made, so hopefully she's making them, with or without help from a professional.

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