Friday, June 18, 2010

Bare arms are for cocktails

Remember that time when we talked about how dressy and professional are not the same thing, and people got all riled up? Well hang on to your pearls folks because we're gonna do it again.

Rep. Michele Bachmann was on Fox Business earlier this week to discuss the oil spill. She wore a black sleeveless top:

A sleeveless top with no layer over it isn't terribly professional to begin with. It's an awful lot of skin to show during a serious discussion of a major disaster. But just as in Governor Brewer's outfit that we discussed before, it's the combination of items here that really drives the complete outfit past the borders of professional. Sleeveless and multistrand necklace and dangling earrings and smoky eye makeup and she looks a bit like she came from happy hour in Georgetown.


  1. Is a multistrand necklace casual too?
    Just curious! I don't own any, but I wasn't aware that they were considered casual.

  2. No, they are not casual by definition, or dressy by definition. This necklace could look great with a lot of professional outfits. I just don't think it works in combination with the matching dangling earrings and the rest of her outfit. None of this is really about a single item. It's about the effect that all of the elements of her outfit create when put together.

  3. Perhaps she is sleeveless because she's turned her a/c off to demonstrate that Americans who don't want oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico need to change their energy consumption habits?