Thursday, June 14, 2012

Why does Melissa Harris-Perry's hair look like that?

I know I have a number of readers who mostly just read this blog - that is, you don't play the video, or don't play it for very long. But today, I hope you'll make an exception. Find some time on your lunch break, save it for after work, but watch these clips.

Over the weekend, Melissa-Harris Perry devoted nearly half an hour to a discussion of hair because, she said, the subject of her own hair makes "regular and frequent appearances" in the emails she receives from viewers.

First, a primer and vocabulary lesson:

And while that primer was a much needed public service, there's more.

My favorite quote: "It's amazing that it's considered revolutionary to wear my hair the way it grows out of my head." My sentiments exactly - I was so relieved when I discovered Lorraine Massey and her staff, people who didn't view my hair as something that needed to be tamed in to submission! In DC you can have an equally revelatory experience at Parlour - tell them you want a Deva cut, which is dry. Yes, your hair can be cut the way it grows out of your head, too.

There's lots more of the MHP roundtable, that you should watch as well, on the business and socio-historical contexts, which includes Surgeon General Regina Benjamin's recommendation that hair should not take precedence over health.

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