Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Give Style: My Preppy Valentine

Valentine's Day conjures up all kinds of traditional gift ideas: restaurant meals, chocolates, lingerie, flowers, sports tickets and even plane tickets.

But consider perhaps something that will last beyond the day. What political ladies and gentlemen like best is something that fits into everyday life (or almost everyday). Consider perhaps a trip to Sterling & Burke in Georgetown for fine leathergoods and fragrances. The service is impeccable and many of the products can be customized.

For the gentlemen:
My Preppy Valentine, for Gentlemen

1. J.W. Hulme Bi-fold Wallet. Truly an everyday item, ensuring he'll think of you all the time. And it's crafted from American heritage leather.

2. Filson passport wallet. If you are going for plane tickets, present them in style. I mean really, a loose printout of your e-ticket confirmation is not exactly romantic.

3. Daines and Hathaway cufflink box. If he only has one or two pairs, this could be a nice way to encourage an expanded wardrobe.

4. Swaine Adeney travel bar. Indulgent? Sure. But it's hard to go wrong with indulgence that has this much class.

For the ladies:

My Preppy Valentine, for ladies

1. Halcyon Days bangle bracelets. Jewelry for when you're not ready for JEWELRY yet. These are hand enameled in England.

2. Daines and Hathaway heart shaped box. When you are ready for JEWELRY, it deserves to be presented in suede.

3. Penhaligon's eau de parfum. There's something just a little undignified about celebrity scents, no matter how good they smell. This beautiful line is the perfect alternative. 

4. Sterling & Burke Beatrice bag. These bags are custom made for Sterling & Burke by Swaine Adeney Briggs in England and come in five colors. The quality must be seen to be believed. This is truly a lifetime bag.

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