Wednesday, August 31, 2011

When is a disaster area like a baby?

Senator Kay Hagan surveyed damage from Hurricane Irene this week on the eastern shore of North Carolina. She wore a white shirt:

This crisp button-down shirt paired with dark slacks is a bit more formal than Senator Landrieu's polo shirts, but still appropriate for the situation, provided you have access to an iron. She looks authoritative while also having literally rolled up her sleeves in a messy situation.

I would have perhaps not chosen such large earrings, though. Imagine a disaster area is like a baby - you might lose anything that's dangling or delicate.

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  1. North Carolina is a different, more Northern place than Louisiana. It was hard to tell Landrieu in her un-tucked polo from the relief workers. Perhaps Louisianians prefer their Senators to look a bit like rig workers.

    This outfit by virtue of being a tad more formal leaves the viewer with no doubt as to who is the top official.