Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Wardrobe versatility

Are you a new employee at the EPA? Because if you are, you may have seen this message from Administrator Lisa P. Jackson:

For this appearance, Ms. Jackson chose a white jacket and a black top with a very unusual neckline. It features a keyhole opening in the center, with a metal and fabric chain that goes up around her neck, presumably like a halter. Technically, there's nothing wrong with this top. It doesn't show too much skin or cut to low and reveal cleavage.

But the feeling of it, the spirit of it is sexy. The whole idea of a keyhole is to reveal a little bit of skin for the purpose of suggesting more skin. The chain going from her neckline up around her neck all attached demands visual attention that makes you wonder how it works, and how she got it on this morning. A regular top with a regular necklace doesn't do that, even though the lines are very similar. I wouldn't recommend it.

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