Wednesday, June 8, 2011

How to wear a name tag

Political events and business networking events of all stripes make frequent use of name tags. They're useful, reminding us of names of those we've met before and providing a visual as well as an audio cue for new introductions. But sometimes they can be awkward for us to wear.

For example, it looks like a name tag gave Nevada State Treasurer Kate Marshall a bit of trouble recently:

Here are some tips for Kate (and for you) to help next time go better:
  • If you're already wearing a name tag at an event, take it off before you go on stage. No one can read it up there anyway, and it can end up distracting your audience. Removing it will also help you project more authority.
  • When you're not on stage, you're not too cool for a name tag. If you bothered to come to an event, then you should make it worth your while, as you never know who you'll meet. But new or renewed contacts are much less useful if they can't remember who you are. Wear your name tag, and don't ever relegate it to your waist, your purse or your notebook. 
  • Place your name tag on your right shoulder, high on your chest, just below your collar bone. This will make it easier for people you meet to see it and read it quickly while shaking hands (hence the right side) without breaking eye contact for too long. Stay well above the bust line!
  • Keeping a small binder clip and a large safety pin with you when you go to events will allow you to convert a clip to a pin or a pin to a clip as needed.
  • Check on your name tag periodically throughout the event. A name tag that is sideways, falling off or missing can't be read.

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