Thursday, May 19, 2011

Standing Up

Hillary Clinton gave remarks to the Global Diaspora Forum this week. She wore black and white:

We have seen some great examples in the past of stand up collars, like Eleanor Holmes Norton last month. And we've seen great examples of bold, multi-layered necklaces, as on Stephanie Rawlings-Blake in January.

Mary Queen of Scots
Unfortunately, this look isn't doing the Secretary any favors. It's a shame because I think the spirit of this look was right - achromatic, dimensional and a bit feminine. 

But it fell down on the proportions. The collar is so large, I hope I was the only one who thought of Mary Queen of Scots when I saw this blouse, but I suspect I wasn't. A collar just half an inch narrower would have had a completely different effect, allowing for the softness of a ruffle instead of emphasizing the stiffness of the material standing away from her body.

I hope this helps you understand why it's important to try things on, not just for fit but also for proportion!

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