Sunday, March 27, 2011

Remembering Ferraro, and her wardrobe

Last year, we took a look back at Geraldine Ferraro's look during her 1984 vice presidential run. Her passing yesterday has produced a flurry of memorial articles accompanied by images from that time, all the way through last year.

One of the most common is an AP file photo from '84 where is she wearing glasses, long pearls and an argyle sweater vest. At the time, it was a common preppy look but now she looks....pedantic? dorky? Part of that is certainly the pose. But this is not the kind of look she is typically remembered for.

It's usually something more like her Time cover, or the white suit she wore to accept the nomination, which features in this CNN clip, along with lots of other great '80s fashion:

ABC News has helpfully assembled a slide show of Ferraro through the years. I was most struck by the fact that objectively, she was always very much in style with career women of any given year, even if she did refer to herself as "a Queens housewife."

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