Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Animal prints on television

We've talked about prints on television quite a lot, and it may seem sort of arbitrary what "works" and what ends up all wavy looking. But consider what happened when Rep. Barbara Lee made remarks last week on the House floor in honor of Black History Month.  Here she is on c-span:

And now here she is again, with video uploaded to YouTube:

A dramatic difference, isn't it?  As the video quality breaks down, so does the pattern on her jacket.  She looks great in HD, but not in you average web video.  Same camera, same footage, different results.


  1. Even in HD it looks like something I see before I get a migraine headache.
    She should save that jacket for personal appearances and find something that won't send the epileptic into seizures for wearing on TV.

  2. Question about animal prints and being over 40 or so: I read they are the uniform of the (forgive the c-word) "cougar". I have purged my wardrobe of them because that is the last group I want to be affiliated with.

    Or have I been misled?

    (I like this jacket but agree it is dicey for being recorded).

  3. I don't think animal prints have to read "cougar" but they can. It depends a lot on fabric and shape. If you're trying to avoid this label, I would stay away from silky or shiny fabrics in your animal prints, and also lean toward prints that are in non-natural colors. A leopard print in shades of gray will look much less cougar-ish than a leopard print in its natural color.