Thursday, February 17, 2011

Go nude

Senator Kay Hagan appeared on local television in her home state of North Carolina recently to discuss job creation. She wore her signature color, red:

The senator chose to pair this true red suit with opaque black hose. Although opaque hose are usually recommended for daytime instead of sheer ones, the black and red contrast really sharply here. It makes the legs look heavy and the suit look like it might be out of season. If ever there were an instance for "nude" hose, this was it.

I know some women of the younger generation find the mere mention of nude hose anathema, but I hope here you can see how the senator would have benefited from a sheer leg covering in a color close to her skin tone. It would actually be much more natural looking.


  1. Her suit looks dated because it *is* dated, lol. But don't see how the black hose make her legs look big at all.

  2. I didn't say big. I said heavy. As in weighty, dragging down the bottom half of the look. It wasn't a comment on body weight.

  3. Over and over we've heard "no flesh-toned stockings, they make you look old."

    She's attempting to not look old by taking that rather hard to follow advice.

    I've reintreperated the "no flesh-toned stockings" rule to really mean - no hose that look like a fake orange suntan.

  4. I agree with Rose's assessment of the no nude hose rule.

    But some alternatives to skin-tone could be a super sheer black. Or perhaps taupe. In any case, I agree, the black and red look very stark and to my eye, casual.