Friday, October 1, 2010

Seeing Red

Rep. Louise Slaughter spoke on the House floor about trade with China this week. She wore a Red Jacket:

This shade of red is good for the Congresswoman. It's the shape of this jacket that's problematic. The huge lapels and boxy shape make her torso look expansive. Even buttoning the jacket would pull in the silhouette a bit more and improve the look. 

Although we don't see her in profile in this clip, I bet she would benefit from a more supportive bra as well. Wearing a bra that is the wrong size or not supportive enough or stretched out can lead you to buy blouses and jackets in a larger size than would otherwise be necessary, leaving you with lots of extra fabric around the waist and sleeve areas. It looks like that might be what's happening here.


  1. Is that jacket supposed to be double-breasted? The placement of the button or snap, which isn't contrasting so it's hard to see clearly makes it look like it might be double-breasted.

    Bras that fit properly are often tighter around the chest they aren't always as comfortable to wear as improperly fitting bras. But they do improve fit and help trim the waistline.

  2. I completely disagree. A truly well fitted bra involves no tightness, pulling, cutting, gaping or any other discomfort. The purpose of a bra is for coverage and support. Good support is always more comfortable.