Monday, October 11, 2010

O'Donnell embraces the joke... sort of

Saturday Night Live included a sketch this weekend that played off Christine O'Donnell's "I'm you" ad, showing her wardrobe choice in another light:

While we drew the comparison between O'Donnell's outfit and the signature look of Senator Kirsten Gillibrand, SNL shrewdly pointed out the irony in wearing all black while declaring, "I'm not a witch." She was going for sober and serious, but what she projected, at least for some people, was clearly something different.

O'Donnell herself tried to demonstrate a sense of humor without repeating the word "witch" (again) with this tweet almost the moment after the clip aired: 

Of course, SNL is so meticulous about their characterizations that the hair was almost exactly like hers, definitely not better. But this comment lets her be self-deprecating, and might even fend off either Fiorina-style catty remarks or weather-related mishaps.

I suspect we'll see her add some color to that black suit next time, though.

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