Thursday, September 9, 2010

Go bold

We've seen before how prints can be challenging to wear. The scale has to be right. The style has to work for you. The colors and the contrast have to compliment your skin tone. Oh, but when it's right, it's so right. Have a look at State Department Special Representative to Muslim Communities Farah Pandith:

All the elements came together for her in this jacket. The earthy color palette is great for her. The style, shape and size of the print is gently echoed in the waves in her hair. The proportions of the jacket are in alignment with the proportions of her features. Clothes are rarely perfect, but this comes close.


  1. HOLY GUACAMOLE do I love this jacket!

    When the camera zoom in and you can better see the length and cut, I thought to myself, "This thing is awesome". The length, the waist shaping and even the sleeve length all are spot on - above and beyond you observations about the print. It all works together harmoniously, not an easy feat.

  2. I take back what I said, this appears to be a dress, not a jacket. That she pulls it off so elegantly is just crazy. How tall is she?

  3. Oh, you're right. It IS a dress. But I stand by it. Love the print.

  4. You and me both. I just meant I was taking back the part about the length. It really is spectacular in a good way.