Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Using color to send a message

Last week, Rep. Maxine Waters spoke to reporters about the House Ethics Committee investigation into her involvement in the banking industry. She wore green:

In most cases, I would caution you against placing too much emphasis on the iconography of color. It doesn't really matter what a particular color "means" if it doesn't look great on you.

But in this case, Rep. Waters's choice of spring green, which does look great on her, was a shrewd choice because of the meaning of that color as well. On other occasions, we have frequently seen Rep. Waters in black, gray or red, which are good colors for her in general. Those colors also connote strength, power and authority. But in this instance, when she is trying to counter allegations of abuse of power, black would read as severe and red as aggressive. This warm, clear green conveys an impression of honesty, cleanliness, calm and reassurance. I can think of no better choice to accomplish her goals here.

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  1. I love this look. I agree she nailed it, the shell, the jewelry, it all works. What a perfect shade of green with her complexion!