Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Classic Palin

Sarah Palin appeared at Glenn Beck's rally this weekend in what we now think of as a classic Palin look:

She has returned to the high hairstyle, which may or may not involve a Bumpit. She wears white, the color of hope and new beginnings (notwithstanding her stated position on "the hopey-changey stuff"). The white also serves to make her look glowing, healthy and vital as she stands against the relatively natural backdrop of stone steps. She has a large and prominent jeweled flag pin. I was a little puzzled by her choice of wedge sandals as footwear, until I considered how they add to her height, along with her hair. All of this put together? We're back in candidate mode here folks. Gone are the retro throwbacks and the tough leather jackets. Candidate Palin looks tall, clean and shiny.

1 comment:

  1. HA a Bumpit! It's kind of like what Snooki of the Jersey Shore has right?! I think they are making a "snook-it" now too! Nonetheless, Palin looks good.