Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How to wear coveralls

The need for coveralls, overalls, lab coats, flight jackets and other protective gear comes up with predictable regularity on the campaign trail and in public office, as candidates and officials visit the industrial drivers that make their districts tick. But there are (visual) risks in covering up your carefully selected outfit with the standard uniform of wherever you are.

Governor Jennifer Granholm shows us how to do it right at an aviation plant recently:

She follows the two basic rules:
  1. Don't look naked. You have to wear something underneath your coveralls with a high enough neckline to show above the collar. Otherwise, you'll look like you're naked underneath. Governor Granholm's blouse shows nicely above the collar. (For an example of the "naked" look, see her female aide standing behind her, unfortunately.)
  2. Make use of your best colors. Now that your blouse is showing, make sure that it's the right color to complement or counteract the color of the coveralls. In this case, the baby blue is a pretty good color for the Governor starting out. But she pairs it with yellow and green that blends together well with the blue and works for her coloring.

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  1. She also looks good because she's chosen the appropriate size lab coat...as a lab-dweller I can tell you how easy it is to look like you're drowning in one of those things.