Thursday, June 10, 2010

Short sleeves are short sleeves, not long sleeves

I don't want to keep calling out EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson. I really don't. But she could do so much better. She recently wore a short sleeve jacket with a long sleeve blouse for a speech on energy independence:

First of all, don't wear long sleeves under short sleeves. I can't think of a (non-casual) outfit where this looks good. All this cream also does nothing for her. Beige clothes and beige backdrop quickly comes to equal beige face.

This is not to say that she can't wear white. Or short sleeve jackets. Or feminine details. She just needs to try doing them in a different way. For example:

Here we have saturated color near her face, white on the skirt, a short sleeve linen jacket (with a slightly longer sleeve to smooth out the arm), and feminine embellishment all over.

Ms. Jackson isn't my client, but I hope she's listening.

1 comment:

  1. I work in an over air-conditioned office and like short sleeved jackets in the summer. But I also agree that this outfit is awful.