Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Elena Kagan got dressed. Two days in a row.

I suppose that after the Washington Post brouhaha over the appearance of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan, I should have expected that people would be watching what she would wear during her Senate confirmation hearings. And sure enough, they did

In case you missed it, here's day 1:

Lots of praise out there for the blue color, and I don't disagree. She does well with this saturated royal blue. But the collar! It's such an oversize proportion and she is (famously) of a short stature, and those big black buttons just add to the overwhelming effect of that detail. She's back to her favorite necklace and earring set, which we've already mentioned is not the strongest choice for her either.

Day 2 got less attention, but I would say she looked better:

Medium gray works for just about everyone and this jacket, while less visually interesting, is a much better choice for her. We have another rounded necklace and earring set here, but it's an improvement over the perfectly round and reflective pearls.

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