Thursday, May 6, 2010

Contrast trim blazer: A new trend?

Last week, Claire McCaskill wore a black blazer with white trim for a Senate hearing on Medicare and Medicaid:

The soft curves of her lapel nicely echo the curves of her hair and face, for an effective, complementary look.

The bold contrast is also quite memorable, so I notice right away when Carly Fiorina wore a similar jacket on CNN:

It's similar, but not the same. In fact, it's different in a very important way: instead of a softly curved lapel, this lapel is much more angular, just as Ms. Fiorina's face and hairstyle are more angular. So it works for her in the same way Senator McCaskill's does. Trade jackets and it doesn't work anymore, even though they are (at first glance) so similar.

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