Thursday, May 20, 2010

Blondes in pink

Senator Claire McCaskill and Secretary Hillary Clinton have very different styles, but similar coloring, and recently they both chose outfits in pale pink.

Secretary Clinton at a meeting with the British foreign minister:

Senator McCaskill at a Senate hearing on Iran sanctions:

Neither one of these women is very well served by this pale shade of pink. They look sort of doughy, with clothes blending into skin blending into hair.

I really believe that everyone can wear every color, it's just a matter of finding the right shade for you.  For women with coloring like these two (hair AND skin) a mid-range pink would serve them better. Here are some items they could try:


  1. TOTALLY agree! The pale pinks on them=wash out! Deeper shades are the answer! :)


  2. I think this shade looks better on Senator McCaskill than it does on Senator Clinton but can we agree that no matter what shade of pink we're talking about, an entire pantsuit of pink is never a good look?