Friday, April 9, 2010

Secretary Clinton adds a scarf to her introduction

Hillary Clinton introduced a speakers series at the State Department earlier this week. She wore a brown suit and a very well-placed scarf:

The Secretary paired this brown jacket with a shell underneath in the same color. That could be waaay too much brown, but the addition of a creamy print scarf effectively breaks up the dark color block and softens her look considerably.

Also, I wonder if she's growing her hair out? It's looking quite a bit longer in the back these days. Cute flip.


  1. Speaking of her hair, I think her highlights look too zebra-ish near her part.

  2. Interesting point. I'm watching her on Meet the Press right now, and I notice this a little bit there too. I wouldn't go so far as to call it "zebra-ish" but the low tones in her color do seem more pronounced. Maybe she's transitioning to a somewhat darker shade, although spring is a counterintuitive time to do that.

    Altering the proportion of different colors in your highlight scheme is a more subtle, gradual way to move to a new color, which can be important when you're being photographed on a daily basis and don't want to draw attention to your looks/grooming. If she just showed up for work tomorrow with brown hair, it would be a HUGE non-story story, which is so counterproductive.