Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Ladies' neckwear: a delicate balance

I know I said we were done with health care reform week, but I have just one more post on what Congress wore during the debate. This one is about neckwear again, but this time, on the ladies. This is a tale of two scarves.

First, Doris Matsui:

Then, Anna Eshoo:

You don't need me to tell you that Rep. Eshoo's scarf works, but Rep. Matsui's doesn't. They're both full, bold pieces that form the focal point of their outfits. So what's the difference?

1. Proportion. Rep. Matsui's scarf is wider than her face, dwarfing her. Rep. Eshoo's scarf has some fullness at the bottom, but it spreads out gradually and never looks bigger than her head.

2. Style. Bows always have the potential to look cutesy, no matter what the size. Big bows are pretty much impossible to pull of unless you're Minnie Mouse or Hello Kitty. Not a cartoon character? Keep the bows small or not at all.

3. Color. Wearing lots of stark white close to the face can be difficult for most people. A print in the right colors can enhance a look and cut through the severity of a suit.

Need more help working a scarf into your wardrobe? Try this:

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