Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Edwards discusses military, wearing military

Rep. Donna F. Edwards gave remarks on the Defense Acquisition Bill this week. She wore a jacket that incorporates this spring's military trend:

The last time we saw the military trend on the House floor, my concern was that Rep. McMorris Rodgers had chosen a look that was not formal enough. Rep. Edwards doesn't have that problem, but nevertheless, this style is not working for her. The flaps on her breast pockets stand so far away from her chest, it looks like she could take flight at any moment. This is not the goal of the military style! Many jackets in this trend will have some kind of pocket flap or detail on one or both breasts. Just make sure they are small enough not to stick out. Have them sewn down if necessary - if they would look weird sewn down, that's how you know they aren't small enough.

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