Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Barbara Boxer on the Senate Financial Regulations Bill

Senator Boxer gave her thoughts on the Senate Financial Regulations bill last week, in emphatic agreement with Senator Dodd. She wore lavender:

You know how obsessed I am with color, and in this case, the color is right. Senator Boxer often wears shades of purple, and this one in particular is nice on her. My concern here is the fit of the jacket - it's too tight across the front. See how the buttons pull and there's a gap at the bottom? Not so good. It also seems to be flattening out her chest.

It's easy for these things to sneak up on us - something fits well, then it fits a little tighter, then it doesn't fit, but it happens so gradually, you can miss it. Most of us think about whether something fits the first time we put it on, or put it on again after a while. But we often don't think about whether something fits if we wear it frequently. It's a question worth posing every once in a while!

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