Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Amy Klobuchar has many words and few pictures in Elle magazine

Pick up the April issue of Elle magazine and flip to page 256. You'll find a rather lengthy profile of Senator Amy Klobuchar. It focuses on biography and daily life, mostly, with only passing reference to actual policy issues. The article reminds me strongly of a profile of Sarah Palin that appeared in Vogue way back before most of the country had heard of her.

It also contains almost no photographs, save a candid shot of the Senator on the phone with her face half hidden by her hair, and a long shot in too-long pants and clunky shoes with the Capitol dome in the background. Roll Call's Heard on the Hill found the lack of photos atypical for a fashion mag (true) and makes passing reference to an apparently scrapped photo shoot. But I think a missing photo spread combined with almost no comments on her wardrobe choices are deafening by their silence. Someone at Elle doesn't think Klobuchar dresses well.

The Senator does ok, though. She often sticks to a pink and black color palette, one of the few style-related comments in the Elle article, and she kept that up on her recent appearance on the Rachel Maddow Show:

I particularly like the way the pink tones in her makeup compliment her hot pink jacket without trying to match it. Of course, only Barbie can wear hot pink all the time, and even she doesn't do that any more. But a cohesive color palette for your wardrobe will in fact simplify your life. As Senator Klobuchar says, "If you have one or two themes, then you have the same shoes, the same bag. Otherwise, it's a nightmare."

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