Friday, March 12, 2010

Pelosi defends handling of Massa, matches her necklace to her jacket

Rachel Maddow asked Nancy Pelosi in an interview this week about her opinion of the House Ethics Committee's handling of Eric Massa's resignation. The Speaker wore a jacket, shell and necklace all in the same color palette:
I'm not against matching on principle, as some of my fashion colleagues are these days. But I don't think this look works as well for the Speaker as it could. She needs more contrast in her clothing, both between the items of clothing and between her clothes and her skin. Although obviously the jacket and shell are in green shades, the tone is close to her skin, which opposes the strong contrast between her skin and her hair.

If she changed out the necklace or the shell or both for a deep, warm forest green, this jacket would work a lot better for her. Or maybe switch to a blouse with some embellishment on the collar, like this Robert Rodriguez on Bluefly.

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