Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Janet Napolitano testifies on 2011 Homeland Security budget

Janet Napolitano explained the 2011 Homeland Security budget before the House committee on Homeland Security. She wore a tan jacket and a turtleneck:

Do you recognize this jacket? This is a beautiful jacket, elegant and well constructed. But it's just not the right choice for the Secretary. As we've seen before, she looks so much better in vibrant color, especially red.

But let's imagine that this is the Secretary's favorite jacket. She loves it, and she wants to keep wearing it. What to do?
  • Lower the neckline of the blouse underneath, and choose a color there. A red or blue or aqua crewneck would be much softer than a black mock turtleneck.
  • More delicate accessories. A chain with a pendant and earrings that are airier and less solid would lighten things up.
  • Jewelry on the jacket. I'm not sure if Secretary Napolitano is really inclined to the Albright brooch technique, but it's an option.

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