Friday, March 26, 2010

Barbara Mikulski debates health care bill, nearly drowns in red jacket

Senator Barbara Mikulski gave remarks on the health care bill during the Senate reconciliation debate on Wednesday. She wore a red jacket with a black patterned blouse:
The Senator is so completely overwhelmed by these clothes, it's as if she's drowning in them. Two layers of voluminous, stiff fabric buttoned all the way up to her neck are doing her no favors. And the bold, sharp pattern on her blouse is distracting.

She would do so much better in something with an open neckline and more subtle pattern, like this Milly dress at Lee Lee's Valise.


  1. Do any of these politicians ever contact you about how they like/dislike your commentary on their clothes? I think they could all use your help!

  2. Not so far! I try to be constructive and keep the snark to a minimum. And as an image consultant, I would love to work with any of these women one on one.