Monday, February 8, 2010

Nora Volkow discusses the Monitoring the Future Survey on drug abuse

Dr. Nora Volkow, who heads up the National Institute on Drug Abuse, went on camera to discuss the results of the Monitoring the Future Survey in 2009. She wore a taupe jacket:

We could talk about how Dr. Volkow would look better in some color, like a warm grass green. Or we could talk about how she has the opposite problem from Lisa P. Jackson - her brows are a bit under-groomed. But I would instead like to talk about a crucial step in dressing to go on camera: the last second check.

Presumably it goes without saying that when you know you're going on camera, you should take great care in getting dressed. But no matter how carefully you dressed in your bedroom or your office or the green room, you're not done until you take one more look in a mirror right before you go in front of the lens. If Dr. Volkow had done that, she would have noticed that her necklace is crooked and caught under her lapel, and that her hair is a little bit tangled on her forehead. It's also your chance to see lipstick on your teeth, bra straps peeking out and any other bits that can shift in the journey to the camera. It's not vain. It's absolutely necessary. These are small details that need to be fixed, but they're so distracting.

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