Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hillary Clinton says Iran is becoming a military dictatorship

Hillary Clinton said Iran was moving toward a military dictatorship in a televised discussion with students at the Doha campus of Carnegie Mellon. She wore marine blue:
We already know that a deep vibrant blue is a strong color on her. What I want to discuss this time is her hair. The Secretary has a great hairstyle here. As her hair is getting a little bit longer, it looks great curled at the bottom and with just a little bit of volume at the crown. The curl helps to balance her face shape, but all of the styling is subtle enough that we careful observers are probably the only ones actively noticing it.

Here was can see the back as well as she greets King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia:

Unfortunately, when Secretary Clinton's hair gets flat or limp, it makes her look tired, so the extra amount of style time she put into her hair for this event was worth it. She looks healthier and more powerful. Looking tired never projects confidence or conviction.

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