Sunday, December 13, 2009

Pelosi on Job Creation

Nancy Pelosi and the Democratic leadership held an outdoor press conference last week on job creation. Why our leaders insist on holding press events outside in December is a question for another forum. For now, we get to have a look at outerwear:

The first thing I noticed here, as I'm sure you did, is that most of the people here are not wearing coats at all. At least Harry Reid has an overcoat on. But the Speaker has this high button and a collar up to her chin that makes her look a little odd next to everyone else. We know from hearing her speak that she's feeling a little under the weather, but she would have done so much better with a scarf, even over the buttoned up collar. Camel is a nice color on her, but there's just so much of it.

And then there is the issue of her handbag. Does she really have a knot in the strap? Don't do that. Ever. A shoe and luggage repair can shorten the strap for you so easily. That little tail is so distracting.

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