Saturday, October 24, 2009

Michele Bachmann: A Color Comparison

I almost don't want to write about Rep. Michele Bachmann's clothes because articles like this lead me to believe she may soon go the way of Sarah Palin in scrutiny of her wardrobe (among other things). But these two recent clips demonstrate very well why it does in fact matter what color you wear.

The first example is from her remarks on the House floor about global warming back in April:

She's wearing slate gray, as she often does. This is a great color for her. Her hair color looks warm, and it makes her eyes look bright (hard to tell in this video, but check out this photo).

In contrast, the second example is from her remarks at the Heritage Foundation in response to Keith Olbermann's criticism:

The brown color of this blouse is almost the same color as her hair, making her look like one big splotch of brown. It also looks too big for her, and appears to be maybe corduroy? That's a pretty casual fabric. All of those elements add up to an unusually sloppy look for the Congresswoman.

Both gray and brown are good neutral colors, but not all neutrals are created equal!

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