Monday, October 19, 2009

Hillary Clinton on Sudan

I could write a lot about Hillary Clinton in this forum, and at some point in the future I probably will. Let's focus on today for now, when she spoke about a new strategy for relations with Sudan. Secretary Clinton, who is often criticized for wearing bright colors, wore brown. I wouldn't have imagined I would ever recommend this color for her, given her light hair color, but I really like this. The lapels of her jacket are the right width and the jacket has a high stance - also good for someone with her proportions.

The only item I would change is the necklace. It's too heavy looking and too short. It cuts off her neck in an unflattering way. I would have recommended something that would echo the V of the jacket lapels, like a pendant on a chain.

I like her hair this length too. She needs that little bit of length in the back to, um, flatter her jawline. The highlights are just a tad too stark in the front.

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